5 Skin Conditions You Should Be Aware of

04/29/16 – Skin Conditions

Our skin is with us forever — so it makes sense that we’d want to take care of it as best we can! While there are certainly maintenance and care tips we can follow to help our skin stay healthy and youthful-looking, sometimes things happen that are outside our control.

Just like any organ in our body, our skin (which is the largest organ) can become afflicted by any number of conditions and issues. Understanding the signs, symptoms, and treatments for some of these skin conditions is an important step toward skin health.

  1. Psoriasis
    This skin condition is characterized by thick, red patches on the skin, and often features white, flaky scales. While dermatologists aren’t quite sure why it happens, we do know it’s caused by the overproduction of skin cells. Treatments often include topical ointments and creams.
  2. Vitiligo
    Signs of vitiligo include patches of skin lacking pigment. It can affect males and females equally, of any race. Vitiligo isn’t a dangerous condition; its effects are cosmetic. While there is no cure, there are treatment options, like steroids, light therapies, and even skin grafts.
  3. Eczema
    Common symptoms of eczema include inflammation, redness, itchiness, and dryness. Eczema can develop for many reasons: allergies, reactions to soaps or perfumes, even stress. Simple topical treatments are often prescribed, and in some cases, medications are taken by mouth or shot.
  4. Melasma
    Light brown patches on the face or chest are the most common signs of melasma. While it’s more common in women (especially pregnant women), men can have it, too. Laser treatments, creams, and medications are often used to treat melasma. Keep in mind — sunlight worsens the discoloration, so sunscreens should always be used.
  5. Photosensitivity (sun allergy)
    Those whose skin reacts negatively to exposed sunlight could suffer from photosensitivity (often called sun allergies). People with very light skin, red hair, or blue eyes are more susceptible. Symptoms are usually dry, itchy, and red patches of skin. Treatment varies, but prevention is key (sunscreens, hats, clothing, etc.).

The more you know about your skin, the better equipped you’ll be to keep it healthy. Want to learn more? Discover the ins and outs of free radicals, check out some handy skin health tips, and learn more about Heliocare, an oral dietary supplement with powerful antioxidant properties that helps maintain your skin’s ability to protect itself against the harmful effects of free radicals.*

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